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The paper of our master thesis student Jens Janssens is accepted for presentation at ISPA 2021!

The paper of our master thesis student Maxim Verwilst is accepted for presentation at IEEE MMSP 2021!

Talks by Aleksandra and Geert van der Snickt (University of Antwerp) highlihting interdisciplinary research on the Ghent Altarpiece

By Erma Hermans (Rijksmuseum): Imaging the Ghent Altarpiece: insights from an interdisciplinary research and restoration project

Tuesday 25 May, 2021. Organizers: Rijksmuseum, CWI and Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities


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algorithm algorithms areas autoencoders bayesian-estimation blur-estimation camera-response classification complex-wavelets compressed-sensing compression computed-tomography computer-vision contourlet-transform correlated-noise crack-detection data-fusion deblurring deconvolution denoising depth-images dictionary-learning dimensionality-reduction directional-morphological-profiles discontinuity-adaptive-regularization distributed-video-coding domain electrical-and-electronic-engineering electromagnetic-inverse-scattering error-concealment extraction feature-extraction features general-earth-and-planetary-sciences ghent-altarpiece hyperspectral-image hyperspectral-images hyperspectral-remote-sensing image-analysis image-denoising image-quality image-reconstruction image-representations image-restoration image-segmentation images inpainting inverse-problem inverse-scattering iterated-conditional-modes lidar-data local-image-descriptors markov-random-field markov-random-fields medical-imaging message-passing microwave-imaging model morphological-profiles mri noise noise-estimation orthogonal-distance-regression prize publication reconstruction remote-sensing remote-sensing-images removal representation restoration scale segmentation selection shearlets shrinkage signal signal-recovery singularity-detection sparsity super-resolution talk total-least-square total-variation trace-transform tracking transform tunnel-surveillance unsupervised-deep-learning video wavelet-domain wavelet-transform wavelets wyner-ziv-coding


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