Open vacancy

Professor position in the area of AI/ML for cultural heritage and art investigation

Full-time Assistant Professor – Postdoc Research Assistant in the discipline of Belgian Art Links & Tools for Artifical Intelligence

Application deadline: 30 September 2023.

Summary and highlights:

The position is full time, although the professor appointment is initially 10% and the rest (90%) is post-doc shared between Ghent University and the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage KIK-IRPA ( Long-term career path: the Department will support growing this professor appointment at Ghent University towards a full-time permanent position over time, which is of vital importance for our research group.

The new professor will have an important role in leading our research in AI/ML, image processing/computer vision and applications in the cultural heritage sector and also participate in teaching courses in the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Probabilistic Graphical Models.

The role of the new professor is to further develop GAIM’s research on digital painting analysis and more generally in the heritage sector, at the fundamental level and in concrete applications. In particular, this position focuses on the theoretical research and engineering aspects necessary to leverage digital heritage collections, enabling among others

Candidates need profound knowledge of machine learning, probabilistic reasoning and image processing/computer vision, demonstrated by an excellent track record in top technical journals. Experience with supervision of PhD students, setting up research proposals, and cooperation with cultural heritage institutions are considered valuable assets.

Ghent University, our department and the research group provide inspiring, very pleasant, welcoming and supportive environment to young academics in building their scientific career, skills and personal qualities and well-being. Ghent is a beautiful, vibrant city, fantastic to live in. The part-time position at KIK-IRPA is within a marvelous cultural environment, collaborating with top experts in the domain of cultural heritage preservation and providing an exquisite application area for the theoretical research that the new professor will conduct at Ghent University.

If you are an ambitious young researcher and recognize yourself in the challenges described above, be encouraged to apply before 30 September!

Full description of the vacancy: (Req ID 25616) full-time Assistant Professor – Postdoc Research Assistant in the discipline of Belgian Art Links & Tools for Artifical Intelligence