YouTube video about our work in AI for Art investigation (Technical Art History series 2021) is online!

Talks by Aleksandra and Geert van der Snickt (University of Antwerp) highlihting interdisciplinary research on the Ghent Altarpiece

Announcement: GAIM's talk in Digital Imaging Methods for Cultural Heritage

Tuesday 25 May, 2021. Organizers: Rijksmuseum, CWI and Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities

GAIM's contribution and other inspiring talks at the 2021 'AI for Photonics' event

The 2021 event AI for Photonics brought together speakers from different backgrounds, exploring the fascinating potentials of AI with optical computing and introducing state-of-the-art AI technology to the photonics community. Video lectures: Recording1, Recording2, Slides (GAIM, A. Pizurica), All slides