Multiresolution example-based depth image restoration


In this paper we present a new method for superresolution of depth video sequences using high resolution color video. Here we assume that the depth sequence does not contain outlier points which can be present in the depth images. Our method is based on multiresolution decomposition, and uses multiple frames to search for a most similar depth segments to improve the resolution of the current frame. First step is the wavelet decomposition of both color and depth images. Scaling images of the depth wavelet decomposition, are superresolved using previous and future frames of the depth video sequence, due to their different nature. On the other side wavelet band are improved using both previous frames of the wavelet bands and wavelet bands of color images since similar edges might appear in both images. Our method shows significant improvements over some recent depth images interpolation methods.

Proceedings of the SPIE : the international society for optical engineering (12 pages)