Centerline calculation for extracting abdominal aorta in 3-D MRI images


The examination of abdominal aorta is an effective way to diagnose many cardiovascular diseases. Aortic stiffness measured by pulse wave velocity (PWV) calculation is a good estimate of overall cardiovascular health. Calculation of pulse wave velocity requires the length of abdominal aorta as an input parameter, while the structure of abdominal aorta can be used for diagnostic purposes. For the sake of non-invasive diagnostics, non-contrasted MRI images of aorta were used. Due to the “black-blood” imaging, a lot of artifacts are present and a robust centerline extraction method is needed. In this research we develop a novel graph-based method for extracting centerlines of abdominal aorta for length calculation. Our method is robust to artifacts and noise and applicable to any imaging modality.

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Conference Proceedings